• Layla's team is a different breed of realtors who will give you the results you need and make every dollar worth. Layla makes it clear that the house doesn't sell on its own. While your average realtor will do the legwork, Layla's team is next level when it comes to analyzing, marketing and negotiating for you. We are very lucky to have her represent us given our home is well under her portfolio range. In person, the team is down to earth - they understand that your home is the biggest financial asset you own. In Layla's own words, "every home requires the appreciation it deserves". Layla understood us immediately and she got to work quickly to support the sale of our home within 2 weeks. She doesn't waste time and gets to work quick - the process was fully taken care of by her incredible team and I knew I was in good hands. That's how they deal business - in good faith and in the best position your home can be in. When you're selling/buying, you want the best and most confident representation you can get. That's Layla and team!

    - Ling and Leo Yim
  • Layla Yang is a great leader. She knows exactly where she is going which gives her an opportunity to lead other people. Layla is ready to risk not only in business but also her personal life for self-development or growth. She gives me a valuable example of how a successful person looks like. I feel really greatful that I can work with Layla and learn from her. She treats everyone equally and gives you support when you need it. Love working with Layla Yang!

    - Anzhelika Devaikina
  • Layla is a hard worker and natural leader. She always expects and gets the best from her colleagues and associates.

    - Kevin Gurniak
  • “When we decided to sell our house, the market was down, and we didn’t have much hope of a good price. Layla Yang and Edward Zhang did an incredible job of research, marketing, and negotiating to get us a good price. They kept us informed and listened to our concerns. Kevin and Cecilia Harkness”

    - Kevin Harkness
  • Layla is a delight to work with. She takes away the stress of buying and selling with her personality and sense of humour. But more importantly, she gets the job done. Not only does she have clients for life in us, she definitely has friends for life.

    - RW from Shaughnessy
  • Thank you for sending this and also for all your hard work that you and your team have done to bring this deal to fruition.

    - Sellers of Point Grey
  • 起初认识Layla是因为想卖房子经朋友介绍认识,初次见面就印象深刻!她是一个非常有感染力的人,做事专业干练,所以当场就拍板决定请她帮我卖房子。过程也很省心,我基本很少插手过问,最主要是她的人格魅力让我觉得房子交给她卖,靠谱放心!所以当我要卖第二套房子的时候想都没想就交给她了,结果告诉我我的选择没错。买卖房屋找Layla,不会错!

    - Qiang W
  • She is the best realtor I never seen, very professional and very smart. She helped me to find my dream home for me and my family.

    - Julia H
  • Layla and her team are very professional and passionate on thier works, which made me feel very comfortable with their services. They had directed me to a right direction which make everything easy and quick. My experiences of them will make me recommend to all my family and friends who need real estate agents.

    - Linda C
  • Oh my.... Layla pulled off one of the toughest deal I can imagine. In today’s “slower” market, her team managed to sell our house in A MONTH , and got VERY close to our asking price. It’s an understatement if I say she’s married to her job. Her career and looking out for her clients is second to none . She lives for this and she hires only the best, mostly single people

    - Mama Shen
  • A few years ago I knew about the name of Layla Yang who is a famous realtor in the real estate industry. Later, because of my service work, I often met her. At the beginning of last year, my family decided to buy a house. Due to economic conditions, my budget was about 400,000. I visited several houses. It was not too old or too small. It was not appropriate for me. My family was ready to give up buying a house. My colleagues also told me that I could seek out helps from Layla. Honestly, I was too shy to ask her about this because I knew she maybe got lots of things to do, so how could I ask her for helping me? A short time later, Layla heard about my situation and informed her assistant to have a talk with me immediately. They learned more about my situation and requirements, my financial conditions etc. Also helped looking for a right property for me and then consulted about solving the mortgage loan with professional information. She and her assistants are patience and meticulous, and their attitudes are very good. The price was very satisfactory for me and my family. We are particularly satisfied. At the beginning of last year, the market was hot and housing was in short supply, with Layla's professional dedication and resoluteness, I was lucky to buy a real home in Canada. 几年前我就知道杨蕾Layla的名字,是大名鼎鼎的房地产业界精英,后来因为我做服务工作,经常能见到她。 去年初,我家决定买房。由于经济条件限制,我的预算在40万左右,看了好几套房子,不是太旧就是太小,怎么也不合适,我家当时准备放弃买房。同事还说我,快找杨蕾呀。讲实话,我真不好意思提这事,因为我知道她是大经纪,哪能费时费力帮我拌这碟小菜?! 不久之后杨蕾恰巧到我们那儿消费,在无意闲聊中得知我的情况,马上电话通知她的助理,她们详细了解我的情况和要求,结合我的资金条件,正确选择区域,查找合适户型,不怕周折,东奔西跑,最终有了眉目,并帮我咨询解决了房屋贷款事宜。她和助理们做事耐心细致,态度也非常好,价格谈得非常理想,我们全家都特别特别满意。在去年初房屋市场火爆、房源紧缺的情况下,我是凭着杨蕾的专业敬业、雷厉风行,才买上了自己在加拿大的一个真正的家。

    - Brenda L
  • We bought Layla’s Listing in Dunbar area. My wife and I really appreciate the way she helped us. She is so dedicated, and her works are smooth! We referred my friend this year to sell his home with Layla.

    - David & Dora
  • Thank you for all your hard work. We have faith in you. It will be rewarded in the future.

    - Client from Shaughnessy
  • When our house on the market was expired before, we decided to choose Layla for helping us sell. She absolutely showed the result as we desired. Although we could accept "sold a little lower than asking price" before, we were surprised that she did made it as sold in full price! Really satisfied and happy! 之前房子始终没能出售, 最终我们选择杨蕾代理, 帮助我们解决这一问题. 结果确实令我们非常满意. 当我看到结果的时候, 我惊讶!虽然我们说过可以接受一点点差价, 但是杨蕾竟然在顺利出售的基础上, 帮我们争取到了原价!

    - R.H. & M.L.
  • Warm Hearted

    Dear Layla: I am writing this letter to thank you for your warm hospitality accorded to me. With your help ,my house was sold so fast. I came from China,and there are many things that I do not understand. However, you were so friendly and kind to me and helped me so such .So I thank for your warm-hearted and great work. thank you so much!

    - Cindy F
  • Professional and Patient

    Layla helped me to sell my previous house and bought the current one. When she helps people to sell their house, she is even more motivated than her clients, and always thinks and acts one step ahead. She cares about her client's interests, and always gives them the best advice to sell their houses quickly at the best possible price. She knows how to balance the situation and get the best result. I like her work style -- no waiting, always in action. When buying a home, Layla would be even more cautious than the client, and she never rushes the client. She uses her professional knowledge and experience to choose the suitable candidate homes to view, no to waste time. Her consideration is always practical and comprehensive.

    - LLB Lawyer Linda Chen
  • A true professional & wonderful person

    Layla is not only a true professional, but also a wonderful person. Her expertise in the real estate market is second to none. Layla has a mind of a steel trap, brilliant negotiating abilities, and outstanding presentation skills. As a master of persuasion, she can steal all the attention and keep everyone hanging on her every word. Realtors would immediately acknowledge her presence every time she shows up at their listings. She is like a character from Hollywood except she is the real thing. I have gotten to know Layla personally over the years. She is a realtor with few equals.

    - LLB Lawyer John C Chak
  • Passion

    I know Layla personally more than 10 years, working with her is a pleasure. Upon the initial meeting with Layla and reviewing the possible listing of our home, her sharp eyes of the market helped us to appropriately list. She knew the market, we were happy to see her confidence and enthusiasm in selling our home and bringing potential buyers. Furthermore, she made the process easy for us and we were always kept well informed, she followed the sale to its closing in a very professional and astute manor even after hitting a few "speed bumps" that needed to be worked out. Thanks again Layla for an outstanding job.

    - Miao and Huy
  • Absolute pleasure

    Layla, It was an absolute pleasure working with you in the sale of my mom's home on Bates road in Richmond. You were very patient with us, and got us the best deal we could have imagined! Your knowledge of the Richmond area real estate market is incredible, and all your predictions came true ! I also want to thank you for helping us by setting us up with a good lawyer to take care of the legal end. You had all the answers for us, and made our lives so much easier in the stressful time of selling a house that we'd had for over 40 years. I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of buying or selling a house in Richmond. Mom is sitting nicely at her new place now, and if you ever get a chance to drop by, we'd love to see you.

    - Brian H
  • Unexpected outcome

    Dear Ms. Layla Yang, I'd like to appreciate what you did for selling my apartment in Richmond. Since my unit had such a high maintenance fee, and it was getting old, I did not really expect it to be sold at a good price. Again, Thank you for your professional advice and passion! Bob and I want to express our appreciation for the outstanding job you and Cliff did in selling our home. Your knowledge of the real estate market in combination with your integrity and enthusiasm made the process very easy and the outcome much more than anticipated. Once again, we want to thank you both.

    - Fiona W
  • Impressed with her efficiency

    Layla helped us with selling our property on Francis Road one month ago. We were very much impressed with her passion and confidence. She managed to get the job done in four weeks and when the market was slow. Even though my property was on the main road, she brought three offers in a week and made the third offer go through with a very satisfied price. As no conditions on the third offer, my husband and I experienced a stress-free transaction! I would highly recommend her to anyone who considers selling or buying a property in the future.

    - Shi L & Bai Xin Y
  • Great service

    Hi Layla, I just wanted to thank you and your team for getting the job done on the sale of this property. All the best and I hope to work with you again in the near future. Thank you, Babak

    - Babak
  • Surprise outcome

    Layla really did an awesome service of helping me sell my old apartment in short period, although the market was slow in winter and my apt was really very old. She made it successfully and made my apt sold in short time! Also I could finally get new apartment! Can't say how many thanks to her!

    - A.L.
  • Many thanks

    Both Eleanor and I want to thank you and your team for all your assistance in selling not only our house but my father in laws house and the purchase of our new town home at all times. Everyone was very obliging and worked around our schedule for showings. Layla, thank your team for a job well done.

    - K.P.
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